The future is here.

After years in development and testing, we are introducing TeamMate+, the most intuitive, easy-to-use audit power tool available. TeamMate+ is a fully configurable, web-based platform that is rich in functionality and seamlessly consolidates and reports issues and risks for management action.  Its collaborative framework, probing analytics and trending capabilities accelerate your organization’s success in identifying and managing potential exposure. Its state of the art design makes TeamMate+ easier to implement and simpler to learn. 

Extensive Compatibility: Compatible across all browsers and devices including touchscreens. PC or Mac, Tablet or Phone, Edge or Chrome – no matter your hardware or software, it works.

Proven Design: Interface developed using pattern-based research to inform design and function. Everything you do is designed to take as few clicks as possible.

Integration with Microsoft Office: Patent-pending integration with Microsoft Office. Includes point-to-point hyperlinking, creation of issues, and coaching notes. The solutions you use most now work together better than ever.

Cloud Optimized: Get instant access to your data anywhere you're connected. Easy deployment and updates, always secured, and backed up. Instant access to latest work from your department ensures you are always up-to-date.

Absolute Configurability:
Highly configurable to your department's terms, definitions, and workflows. Show only the components you use - hide everything else. Conforms to the way you work and not the other way around.

Dynamic Working Views: View role-based activities in a specified context. For example, see issue management in the context of your organizations product lines. Provides you with a flexible overview of work specific to components of your organization.

Complete Audit Trail: Access to a complete audit trail. View user actions, document edits, hyperlinks, due dates, and more. Robust traceability ensures audit files support findings and withstand external review.

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